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Pre-Task 1 | Lunar Phases

MoonPh.jpgAs we guess, you are a new explorer in the Didactic Space Station (DSS). We will explain you briefly how we work and what we expect from you and your team. In some minutes, you will travel through the space for the first time.

For that reason, it is highly recommended to give you some pieces of advice which may be quite useful in your mission. You will find them in our deparment of 'Process'. In case you need further information, please keep in touch with the Squadron Leader.

As we have previously mentioned, this will be your first experience in the Didactic Space Station. Therefore, the journey will not be so long and hard. However, this does not mean it is an easy mission and you will have to do your best in order to finish it successfully. We are really pleased that you finally decided to join our team of explorers.

Concerning your first mission, I may say it is called 'Lunar Phases'. Since the beginning of time, the humanity has been really taken with the beauty of the Moon. However, the Moon does not show the same face at nightfall. Your first mission will deal with this feature.

We will provide you with detailed information in the following lines. Please, pay attention to these instructions.

- First of all, you need to recruit a group of 4 explorers (you are included). All the members of your group have the same rank and status in the crew of Infinity2000. You will take part of our famous rocket Infinity2000. It is one of our most successful navies and it has a great experience concerning journeys from the DSS to the Moon.

- Once you have launched, all the group must carry out activities of observation. Infinity2000 will be put into the Moon's Orbit so that you can notice different lunar phases.
You are currently on board of Infinity2000. After 29 days, you have been looking out of the windows from Infinity2000. You have recorded the different lunar phases.


- Please, comment on this animation about the lunar phases and think and debate about the following questions:

The moon seems to change its appearance every night..., but why?

What are the causes?
What are the different lunar phases?

- Once you have talked about this topic, visit the following websites and videos in order to find more information about lunar phases:




- Your final task is simple. Your group must write an essay about the lunar phases. Write about 200-250 words and deal with the three questions you debated before. Moreover, you must comment on what the group thought before reading the information and watching the videos. Please, feel free to write about more features and topics related to 'Lunar Phases'.