ZSpace.png1. You have to start with pre-task since the three tasks are dependent to each other. It is highly recommended to set up an organizing system because they are designed from the easiest to the more difficult one. Therefore, the first two are considered 'Pre-tasks' and the last is the most important task. We advice you to start with the activity called 'Lunar Phases' and follow an order.

2. Read carefully the instructions given in the different tasks. Comment with the rest of your partners on the activities. Focus your attention on what you are supposed to do. Share out your work with your partners depending on your preferences and likes. You must acquire a collaborative role since your final mark will depend on the whole group work.

3. Do not skip activities in a task. They are designed so that you do them gradually. To follow an order is strictly necessary.

4. You are provided with links to websites, videos and animations in order to complete all the activities. We provide you with numerous links to make your information search easier. The material has been carefully selected due to its relevance and interest. Please visit them: the more you surf on the Internet, the more you acquire information and knowledge.

5. Pay attention to text written in bold. It highlights the most relevant information in a task.

6. Enjoy the activities, videos and the work in group. You are not supposed to memorize all the information given in websites and other resources. Read them and reflex about this amazing topic! Please, take advantage of working in a group: you can learn from your partners.

7. Finally, remember that according to scientists, the Universe is not infinite...but we assure you that the knowledge you can acquire in your life might be infinite.