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Pre-Task 2 | The Mystery of Halley's Comet

comet.jpgWelcome again! It is a pleasure to rely on an experienced explorer like you.

As in previous missions, the DSS will explain you what we expect from you and the rest of your crew.

In addition, we strongly recommend reading some pieces of advice which might be quite useful in your new mission. You will find them in our department of 'process'. Please, do not hesitate to contact the Squadron Leader in case you have any problem or question.

Your next objective is Halley's Comet. Your crew will be carried from the DSS to the proximities of Halley's Comet. Your task will consist in an investigation about the most famous comet. The mission is named 'The Mystery of Halley's Comet'.

We will provide you with detailed information in the following paragraphs. Please pay attention to all these instructions:

- As usual, you have to make up a group. The flight will start as soon as you belong to a group of 4 explorers. The four passengers of BiG-13 will be given the same status.

- Please surf on the net and answer the following questions. We will provide you with useful links in order to make the information search easier. Work in group and answer the questions in a Word document.

- What is a comet?
- Explain the parts of a comet.
- Who discovered Halley's comet?
- When was it discovered?
- Explain how the orbit of Halley's comet is.
- When was Halley's comet last visible from Earth?
- When will Halley's comet next visit Earth?










Prepare a power point presentation about Halley's comet. You must carry out this presentation about something related to this comet and you think it is interesting to share with the rest of the class. Your group will present your work orally during 10 minutes. Try to present a power point document as visual as you can. Pictures, videos and realia would be highly recommended and appreciated. You will have to look for further information and videos by your own. Be original. Good Luck!