Shooting-Star.gifJoin our crew and explore the universe! The Universe… familiar and unknown at the same time. We belong to the Universe and it is the place where all of us live, OUR HOME.
But when the dark comes every night, we usually have a look at the night sky and we cannot avoid that feeling of captivation and fascination. And we wonder about the mysteries and enigmas beyond the stars and constellations...
Probably, these enigmas will never be solved. However, this kind of ignorance is what makes the universe so special and attractive. We feel insignificant gazing absent-mindedly at the flickering and twinkling stars above us.

The exploration will take place around our lovely planet and beyond the Milky Way. You will realise how vast and huge the Universe is. Therefore, the Earth is a tiny blue point that drifts away into nothingness among the stars. In this webquest, you will be able to know more about our universe. You will be an explorer who must be brave and enthusiastic during the galactic journey. You are not alone since you will belong to a crew.
You will have to make a great effort to complete your mission in a successful way. The Humanity will take advantage of your knowledge and investigations about the outer space. Have a good journey and good luck!
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